Undekhi Review

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Directed by: Ashish R. Shukla

Starring: Harsh Chhaya, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Abhishek Chauhan and others.

What it is all about:

The SonyLIV series begins in Bengal before settling into Manali in Himachal Pradesh. A forest officer has died in the Sundarban. A neck wound suggests that he has been mauled by a wild animal, but the slow-moving and fast-thinking investigating officer Barun Ghosh (Dibyendu Bhattacharya) knows better. The real jungle is miles away, in Manali, where the wedding of Teji (Anchal Singh) and Daman Atwal (Ankur Rathee) is underway at the Atwal-owned resort. Teji and her family are startled by the ostentation on display, but they have no idea just how loud – and quiet – things are going to get. Undekhi is a compelling drama about how a crisis strips people down to their basic, baser, instincts.

What we liked:

UNDEKHI ticks all the boxes for a good interesting crime thriller, every new episodes of the series comes with a new twist. It keeps you hooked and in anticipation of what will happen next. The editing is also very crisp. Performances by the entire cast are noteworthy. Dibyendu is delightful as a Bengali DSP whose calmness brings some relief amid so much bloodshed and violence. Harsh Chhaya as Papaji makes sure you despise him. Surya Sharma is convincing as dreadful Rinku, and model-turned-actor Apeksha Porwal portrays both her parts ably. Undekhi leaves you guessing till the end.

What we didn’t liked:

Some characters are given too much to do, such as Saloni and Daman’s bride-to-be Teji. Others who should be central to the proceedings, like the dancer Koyal, are inadequately fleshed out. Koyal’s tribal background leads to some ridiculous stereotyping.

UNDEKHI is now streaming on SonyLIV.

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