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On November 6th 1999, the first issue of Super Cinema was published. I was only a 14 year old kid back then, and now when I think back on it, it feels like a lifetime away. My father took the gamble of starting something brand new, at a time when things were going to change very soon. We were on the cusp of a new millennium coming in; movies were getting more budgets to be made; there were simultaneous releases; there was also the advent of satellite channels. It was a great time to begin something like this. My father used to say, “Industry should have a voice and I want this publication to be the medium through which the industry issues and the industry’s trial and tribulations would be put in the forefront for everyone to consume and react upon”. Being the voice of the industry was the heart of the idea why my father wanted to start the magazine.

22 years later things have drastically changed, in terms of how we even consume our content right now. From it being a movie releasing and going on a big run to now looking out for an opening day number and the subsequent weekend total which generally determines the outcome of the film eventually. But that is also the story of last year. Now, this year has been different in every way. We haven’t had a single new movie release since March till now. The industry has come to a complete standstill. At the same tire, we at Super Cinema, haven’t had a single issue out either for all these months now. It has certainly been a trying and testing time for us, because we obviously are such a niche magazine where we are purely talking about film trade.

In the course of the lockdown, many people have asked me time and again that when will the magazine resume? And I have a very simple answer: When everything gets back to normal. What I mean by that is very simple; when things get back to normal, when theaters are fully open and functional at full capacity, when films are releasing on weekly basis, when we get the joy of having Fridays back in our lives and most importantly, when people won’t have to fear to step out of their houses. Although it has been 6 months or so but it feels so much longer than that and having things normal again feels like a distant dream.

Although from today, 6th November, the theatres in Maharashtra, which is a major territory, have opened after all these months, it’s not even remotely close to normal. There is still no clarity on any of the films releasing yet. As we all know, the producers are very scared. Until the time people are not afraid of coming out, I really doubt we will be seeing the normal, regular pattern. The OTT platforms on the other hand have had a rather brilliant upswing in the last 5-6 months or so. Major Bollywood titles have gone on to get exclusive releases on the platforms in the last few months and movies of actors, producers and directors which we never thought would premiere on digital platforms have gone direct to OTT. Several cinemas across the nations have already opened with several SOPs since the last couple of months, but we have noticed that the audiences haven’t really come out in reportable numbers and it seems the scare of COVID is still there among the masses, understandably so.

22 years in this industry barring this blimp of 2020, we have been thoroughly consistent in putting out the film fraternity in the forefront. In the last few months there have been a lot of questions and a lot of finger pointing towards the film fraternity at large for various reasons, misconceptions and various people trying to benefit from the fraternity by putting their agenda forward. But like many great filmmakers in the past have said, the show must go on. We are eagerly waiting for the show to begin and we are certain that when it begins it will go on and thrive like it has never before in the past.

We have to accumulate the scenario which has happened right now, with the advent of OTT and how people consume their content; we have to take it in our stride as filmmakers and content creators of the largest film fraternity in the world and change with times. We have to make movies for people which will make them come to the cinemas in numbers. I know it will be a while before things go back to the way they were but, as and when it begins, we at Super Cinema will always be there to report it live as things happen for all our patrons who have been there and have supported us since past 22 years and I only wish for your continued support. As you can see as well, we have revamped our website, among other  things and we are trying to adapt with the times as well, just to keep you in touch with what we have to offer on a weekly basis. It won’t be long, I hope and pray it won’t be but I promise you that we will be back stronger, louder, better, wiser and continue to strive not only for the film fraternity but also for the individuals who make this large industry tick.

I would like to offer immense gratitude to all the patrons of Super Cinema, to all those people who follow us on our accounts on various social media platforms and continue to give their feedback and criticism of what we do and how we do things and we hope you will continue to do the same when things do get back to normal. The storm will pass away and the sun will shine again.

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