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Hrithik Roshan turned 47 on 10th January this year and the superstar treated his fans with a massive film announcement; WAR director Siddharth Anand’s next, ‘Fighter’ alongside Deepika Padukone. It is perhaps the biggest announcement of 2021. If one goes by the hearsay then there is another announcement in the pipeline for the actor. It seems like the time to come actually belongs to Hrithik Roshan. The last few years have also been sort of transformational for the actor and he has often spoken about how it is only from last few years that he has started enjoying the process of filmmaking in a more refined way.  Let us take a look at why this decade belongs to him!

In focus article on Hritik Roshan

He is on the correct side of the social discourse

One of the recent most examples, “Ab Raja ka Beta Raja Nahe Banega… Ab Raja Wahi Banega Jo HAQDAAR Hoga…” was Hrithik Roshan’s dialogue from his 2019 film, Super 30 which places emphasis on meritocracy over anything else. Meritocracy over favouritism has been a conversation in our society since years now and when Hrithik said it through the subject of his film, it was applauded. In today’s day and age more than ever before, it is important to be on the correct side of the social discourse. Certain societal topics and what a star’s opinion about them is and their social intelligence makes or breaks a lot of things for actors.
One of the best actors in commercial cinema
Post Covid 19, it has become even more a need of the hour for commercially viable and bankable superstars like Hrithik Roshan to roll out big films and give theatres a much needed push. It is for the very few superstars like Hrithik Roshan, who have broken multiple records at the box office like highest grossers of the year, biggest opening and many more, to come out and treat their fans to something that will get them to the theatres. Hrithik Roshan has everything that it takes for a film to work wonders. With his unwavering commitment towards his craft, backed by the looks that would kill and humongous talent, Hrithik is the most complete actor. He just completed two decades in Tinsel town, hitting a new career curve with myriad diversity of films like Super 30 and War showcasing his range as a performer. What works for him is perhaps his gut feeling and forethought as an actor to gauge the shifting scenario in cinema and his potential to flow effortlessly.
Massive popularity and fandom
Hrithik Roshan’s popularity and fandom is to be witnessed to be believed. The superstar’s popularity cuts across age, gender, geography and all parameters of measuring. Women drool over him, Men want to be like him, Kids look upto him, he is on top of major prestigious lists. With coveted brands in his kitty, it is proven that Hrithik Roshan can endorse something as mass as a footwear brand to something as classy as a super luxe watch brand and everything in between. He is perhaps the only one who can seamlessly bridge the gap between classy and massy.
Age is on his side
He just turned 47 a few days back and he is raring to go. In an industry where age is just a number and superstars are loved by the audience well over 55, there’s a lot more than a decade for Hrithik to do what he does best on the screen. In that sense, Hrithik, at 47, has just embarked on the next level to enchant us. His diverse character portrayals in films like War and Super 30, that released in the same year, only prove that he’s ready for challenges and the game has just begun.

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